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Image courtesy of Javier Villegas Photography

“ The last 20 years of my life have been an amazing visual journey exploring the African continent with an intense photographic passion. From the great plains of the Serengeti, the floodplains of the Okavango or the harsh lands of the Kalahari to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro . . .  I have searched for the  “ Perfect Moment “. A moment where everything comes together . . . Light, Timing and Emotions that create a memorable and forever lasting scene. South Cape Images Photographic Safaris has given me the opportunity to share my experience with other photographers from around the planet that are as excited as I am to discover the secrets of Africa "

Wildlife photography and hosting photographic safaris are definitely my passion but not the only genre in my portfolio . . . Travel and Architecture & Interior Photography also play an important role in my usual photo assignments along with commercial photography for the advertising industry.

About Me

Image courtesy of Georg Fisch
Image courtesy of Roman Olle
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